Freed from the drear doldrum of domestic spaces

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Flana (Old Norse) “to loiter, waste time”.


In the midst of the ebb and flow of
The modern urban landscape
Intoxicated by the pollution of consumerism
And couldn’t-carelessness of mass culture,
A woman strolled passed me.

Freed from the drear doldrum of domestic spaces
Drunk on her anonymity, striding towards…


A sensation breaks in my abdomen when I remember it’s Monday

Photo by Anne Saddler

My all-time favourite autumnal poem is ‘November’ by Thomas Hood
published in 1844. Here is my take on an autumn morning in November.

Autumn Morning

I wake to the sound of sodden streets as a cold and sullen south-westerly, born from the windward coast, drives icy rain before it.


Supernatural/Spirituality/The Amethyst Eye

She got to me in a way I didn’t expect

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She doesn’t like me

She doesn’t like me. My body shudders when she invades my personal space, when her murdered soul touches my aura. The negativity in her energy vortex reverberates through me and numbs my senses as she tries to drag me down. Every time she nears me I feel her rage. She’s…

Writing/Podcasting/Non Fiction

October writing prompt

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Apprentice podcaster

I recently wrote about becoming a citizen journalist. I’m now two weeks into a course offered by the University of Exeter. The course was free (funded by European Union money) and I had time on my hands, so I thought why not take advantage? The course centres around creating content…


Arty-farty coffee drinking creatives’ speak

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Douglas Dunn OBE, Scottish poet, academic and critic calls creative writing, particularly poetry: “hand knitted truths that search for a melodic intellect in the turbulent mind-mess” A poetic quote, but it means little to me— it is, in my opinion, arty-farty bollocks.

I don’t speak ‘arty-farty’, I’ve no time for…

Grey Hen With A Pen

Anne Saddler lives in Cornwall. She is a prolific writer in a variety of genres & a citizen journalist. A former lecturer, she now works as a Funeral Celebrant.

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